Workload Management

WAMS is an online workload allocation system designed to make workload allocation and planning easy. WAMS is flexible and easily customisable and can be adapted to diverse academic workload models and processes, regardless of the institutional size or number of faculties.

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Online Assessment

REVIEW is a student engagement system, which uses skills based assessment modules, self assesment and peer rating to provide students with a learning profile based on the five core learning outcomes of communication and collaboration, attitudes and values, practical and professional skills, research and critical thinking and lastly, innovation and creativity.

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Student Feedback

EVALUATE is an online survey solution to collect and report on Student Feedback against staff and subjects.

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Asset Management

AVISO is an asset management system specifically created to allow the management and booking of Audio Visual System (AVS) equipment.

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Moodle LMS Services

Our Moodle LMS services are tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements, from the simple to the complex, we can do it all.

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