AVISO is a software tailored to facilitate managing AVS equipment bookings online with little to no effort involved.

The Audio Visual Asset Management Software utilises a simple and clean dashboard interface – designed to maximise user-friendliness with minimal complications. Easy-to-see tabs allow the user to effortlessly create, modify or cancel AVS equipment bookings using calendar and drop down menus, as well as the convenient option for repetitive bookings.

Asset Management

Streamlined process for management and association of assets (AVS Equipment) to bookings at specific locations

Multiple-asset assignment, allowing variations of asset combinations assigned to recurring booking serires

Reliable notification system to create transparency between clients (e.g. University Lecturers) and the Asset management team

Simple 3 step booking process

Improved environment impact through reduced paper waste

Rebranding AVISO

Customisable application skinning to reflect your branding.

aviso rebranding

User Benefits


  • Easily request equipment for your subjects, events & activities via the “Booking Request” feature
  • Receive real-time notifications informing you on the status of your booking requests
  • Spend less time searching for the equipment you need with an easy to use interface
  • Keep track of your bookings with access to one central database


  • Manage all bookings via search options, and editable requests and booking entries
  • Review and process organisation-wide bookings with one simple dashboard.
  • Produce and edit custom reports based on various booking requirements
  • Greater control user management with the ability to edit all non-imported data within, assets, settings and administration tabs.

Pricing & Support


Academ can give you a complete personalised experience customise the Audio Visual Asset Management System interface, workflow and functionality to suit the design of your internal operations.

This software has been successfully implemented across a number of different educational institutions in Sydney, including the University of Technology (UTS)
where 10,000 pieces of AV equipments is managed across their various campuses, as well as The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)

Get in touch with our team today to discuss specific requirements you may have for your institution. Once we’ve talked about the details, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

Licensing Benefits

  • Major releases, bug updates and new features
  • Access to our online support portal
  • Access to resources and documentation
  • Discounts on consultancy and training
  • VIP-access to academ user events
  • Exclusive access to product beta programmes
  • Platinum email list for priority notifications

Support Benefits

  • On-site (or videoconference) system training and consultations
  • Systems Integration
  • Feature customisation
  • Phone support (Business hours)
  • Personal account manager
  • Remote support
  • Software enhancements and updates