EVALUATE is a University specific evaluation tool for collecting student feedback on subjects and teaching staff. With the ability to integrate with your existing systems, the process of circulating and collecting surveys is made simple.

No matter if your’re looking to survey students in a particular class,
study group or entire faculty data collection is streamlined. With comprehensive reporting and the ability to export to pdf, CSV and more, EVALUATE is designed to help you get the feedback you need, faster.

EVALUATE understands that there will be mandatory questions for certain groups, and also that some survey feedback (i.e feedback on teachers) will be confidential to differing types of administrations throughout each organisation.

Key Features

Streamlined process for delivering surveys to the right recipients

Built-in incentive system for encouraging students to complete surveys on time

Integration with existing university systems such as peoplesoft etc

Create custom, easily updatable surveys in minutes

Increase consistency in data capture and presentation

Improved environmental impact through reduced paper waste

Rebranding EVALUATE

Customisable application skinning to reflect your branding.

User Benefits


  • Breadcrumbs implemented to enhance the user experience
  • One page surveys designed to increase user focus
  • Course evaluation section
  • Teacher evaluation section – optionally completed by students
  • Institutions will be able to implement their own branding throughout the application
  • Drop down help section
  • Customisable global labels
  • Optionally set by the coordinator,
    each completed survey can earn rewards.
    Incentive rewards are customisable and can be exchanged for items such as photocopier credit, beer or charity donations just to name a few
  • Students have a specific time period to complete surveys before they are closed
  • Results are released by coordinators and can be restricted globally, with individual tutors having the option of restricting the viewing results.


  • Create, review and release surveys to students emails
  • Search and select from the initiated survey list
  • Modify the open and close dates for surveys
  • Click to view surveys and manage respondents
  • Secure permission based admin for application manager, offering control and flexibility
  • Multiple reports available for review and export to excel
  • Easily search for survey results
  • View the number and percentage of responses to the survey

Pricing & Support


Get in touch with our team today to discuss specific requirements you may have for your institution. Once we’ve talked about the details, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote.

Licensing Benefits

  • Major releases, bug updates and new features
  • Access to our online support portal
  • Access to resources and documentation
  • Discounts on consultancy and training
  • VIP-access to Academ user events
  • Exclusive access to product beta programmes
  • Platinum email list for priority notifications

Support Benefits

  • On-site (or videoconference) system training and consultations
  • Systems Integration
  • Feature customisation
  • Phone support (Business hours)
  • Personal account manager
  • Remote support