Audio Visual Asset Management Systems

At Academ we understand the need for booking or hire management within your institution, especially when valuable equipment is involved. To accommodate for this, our Audio Visual Services Asset Management Systems software is tailored to facilitate managing AV equipment bookings online with little to no effort involved.

The Audio Visual Asset Management Software utilises a simple and clean dashboard interface, designed to maximise user-friendliness with minimal complications.  Easy-to-see tabs allow the user to effortlessly create, modify or cancel AV equipment bookings using calendar and drop down menus, as well as the convenient option for repetitive bookings.

asset managment software

Dashboard notifications buttons allow your users to immediately be alerted of important updates such as changes to bookings or errors. In addition, the dashboard only displays the user’s specific AV equipment booking schedule, enhancing uncomplicated functionality and enabling them to quickly filter through their relevant requests.

The system also has multiple booking status options available to use at your discretion, including ‘Request, Incomplete, Queued, Active, Complete, Cancel and Rejected’, delivering progress communication between you and the user. However, Academ can give you a complete personalised experience and customise the Audio Visual Asset Management System interface, workflow and functionality to suit the design of your internal operations.

This software has been successfully implemented across a number of different educational institutions in Sydney, including the University of Technology (UTS) where 10,000 pieces of AV equipment are managed across their various campuses, as well as The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

 For enquires about how to utilise Audio Visual Asset Management Systems software at your company or institution, please feel free to contact us.