Making the invisible, visible: Tracking student competencies for university entry

student attribute & capability assessment

UTS CIC and U@U Academy are using REVIEW’s unique approach to describing assessment against capability development as the basis for a twenty-first century approach to tertiary preparation and entry.

Using REVIEW’s ability to describe, assess and track competency, capability or attribute development, CIC have supported U@U Academy to help staff and students ‘see’ their capability development. Seeing their ‘true learning colours’ from assessment has helped hundreds of students from disadvantaged schools develop the skills and confidence to gain entry and undertake university study suited to their capabilities.

REVIEW and CIC help staff and students ‘see’ the true picture of capability development from assessment

Since 2019, U@U Academy has worked closely with UTS Connected Intelligence Centre, Dr Darrall Thompson of UTS and Academ, whose REVIEW assessment platform has helped academics deliver their engaging, capability focused curriculum into assessment that tracks transferable competencies through the final years of high school.

You can see more on this approach to tracking capability formation on the UTS CIC website.

For deeper insight into the rationale and evaluation of the initiative to reframe university entrance pathways around a capabilities (rather than marks) focus, see the U@U Teams article, Dodd, E., Ellis, S., & Singh, S. (2020). Making the invisible, visible: a twenty-first century approach to tertiary preparation, attainment and access for student equity. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 1-21.

REVIEW by Academ: helping staff and students ‘see’ the true colors of student capability development.