U@Uni Academy and REVIEW: Unlocking student ‘true colours’.

Academ gives a big shout out to Sarah Ellis for celebrating three years using REVIEW to manage student evaluations on the U@Uni Academy Program. As featured on the Channel Nine news, the Program provides an ‘opportunity to shine’, an alternative university entry pathway for hundreds of low socio-economic background students to study at UTS Sydney.

Since 2019, Sarah has worked closely with Dr. Darrall Thompson, UTS academics and Academ to refine the alternative entry curriculum to evaluate transferable competencies. Sarah says REVIEW’s rich, visual Learning Analytics reporting provides meaningful data about student’s capabilities and helps young people “show their true colours”.

nine news U@U Academy
nine news U@U Academy UTS alternative entry via REVIEW

As featured on the Channel Nine news, the Program develops a personalised view of each individual’s ability and aptitudes as supplementary evidence to their ATAR (for university entry). This approach, combining assessment designed for social impact, has helped students from 21 Western Sydney schools to gain early entry offers to UTS degrees.

Verity Firth, UTS Executive Director of Social Inclusion, describes the fuller picture of graduate attributes the U@U program achieves.

Verity explains how U@Uni Academy uses REVIEW to help identify student skills and aptitudes ‘beyond the raw data of the ATAR’. Data from REVIEW evidences student’s 21st Century Learning skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and innovation, through REVIEW’s systematic approach to describing, recording and visualising assessment against capabilities.

Academ is proud of our three-year partnership with help with the UTS Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion and empowering better ways to evaluate student capabilities for alternative university entry pathways.

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