Revolutionise Marking with Review


Review is helping schools and universities across Australia revolutionise their marking criteria.

Review refocuses the marking criteria, changing the way students engage with their assessments. As a result, students gain a greater understanding of their personal development. This is done by tracking five core skills in Review; Communication, Attitudes, Practical, Research and Innovation with every mark given to students. Creating a student portfolio of their learning development and skills.

To learn more, watch a UTS graduate discuss how Review and CAPRI goals are helping students, in the video below.

If this video interests you learn more about how Liverpool Boys High School used this grading method to further revolutionise their teaching with project-based learning. As Review allowed LBHS to mark based on skills within different content.

Want to trial Review at your school or university? Academ are more than happy to support you on your journey, put you in touch with other Review users. Get excited and join us in changing the way students engage with their time in schools and universities.

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