21st Century Schools


Project Based Learning is a new teaching method which focuses on the skills and attributes of students in schools, rather than their ability to memorise and recite information. Moving away from an exam based assessment module to an engaging and student-focused projects module. 

But implementing project based learning in primary and secondary education is not easy without a platform that was built with this learning in mind. 

Meet Review!

A skills based marking platform, which easily allows staff to add projects, and mark based on a set of attributes, rather than a rubric of performance. Staff mark against five core competencies; Communication, Attitudes, Practical skills, Research and Innovation. We call this CAPRI! 

Finally students can engage with their learning on multiple levels and skills, rather than subjects and grades based learning, which tends to lock kids into their grades. No longer do we want to hear the words: “I am bad at Math”, we want to change that language to; “I am creative and can problem solve, I have a great attitude and I am beginning to gain practical skills and communicate with peers and teachers!”. 

Just ask some of the kids at Liverpool Boys, in Sydney NSW, what they think of the new project-based curriculum, called Takeover! 

“Pranava: At the beginning I was excited to do it but later on I did feel nervous because I had to present my work. However, it was fun and very exciting to work on whatever we wanted.”



Or watch the students in Takeover in the video here:

The skills assessed in the takeover project are below, which are neatly displayed to both students and staff, and become the marking criteria for the project. 

If you want to learn more about Takeover and the role Review played in assisting this 21st Century teaching, Academ and Liverpool Boys would be more than happy to share our experience. Contact us to get Review at your primary or secondary school today, and start your journey towards project and skills based learning and development!