Review and Accessibility – A system for everyone


Academ and The University of Technology Sydney understand the importance of providing a system that all can use and have therefore been making improvements to the accessibility of Review, under the guidelines of the WCAG Compliance Guidelines. 

We hope these updates, to colours, keyboard commands, readability and usage of screen readers, such as NVDA screen readers will assist users in accessing Review and providing a seamless user experience for all our users. 

A key factor we improved was the ability to use the Review sliders, which have now been redesigned to ensure that those using screen readers and keyboard commands can quickly and easily tab between grade points, such as Credit and Distinction, and then adjust their marks up and down by both factors of 1 and 0.1. Allowing all users to enter the correct and desired mark with ease, when completing their self-assessments. 

Academ aims to continue to work with UTS to further improve the accessibility of their system, and have gained valuable experience regarding the WCAG Compliance Guidelines and ability to code and design our products for the use of everyone. This has now become a core part of Academ’s development process.

If you would like to learn more about the usage of WCAG in your products, Academ found the following resource to be crucial to improving our development processes: and would be more than happy to assist or complete further customisations adhering to these guidelines. Or contact Academ: