Review LMS Integration

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Send your Review grades to Canvas and Blackboard

Recently Academ worked with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to develop a customisation of Review, allowing UTS to automate the transfer of grades in Review back to their Learning Management Systems (LMS).

LMS Details in Review
LMS Details in Review

This customisation allows UTS to automate the following:

  • Creating LMS task columns
  • Send task grade to LMS upon publishing in Review
  • Remove task grade from LMS when unpublishing in Review
  • Provide updates of grade transfer success
  • Multi-subject mapping, ie two Review courses can send grades to the same LMS course

This allows UTS staff to easily mark in Review and be assured the marks given will also be available in their LMS. With no additional steps required of the user. Review simply shows that the grades have been successfully transferred, directly in the Review marking page. 

Grade transfer status
Grade transfer status

If you are interested in any data integrations or customisations, Academ would be happy to assist.

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