Review for Schools – A reflection on project based learning and skills based feedback

Curriculum Mapping Software

In recent months Academ have been working with Liverpool Boys secondary schools to provide skills based learning with Review. Assessment of students is tracked against five skills based outcomes. Communication and Collaboration, Attitudes and Values, Practical and Professional, Research and Critical thinking and lastly Innovation and Creativity.

We call it CAPRI! 

Using CAPRI, Liverpool Boys have successfully implemented the fun and modern learning program “Take Over!”, in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House.

The team at Liverpool Boys put together this inspirational video of their journey. We hope it gives you an idea of the types of revolutionary learning you can achieve with Review.

And this new skills based learning approach also appeared on the news!!

Although Micheal Saxon admitted this project was a lot of hard work, Review made the job of assessing and providing feedback to students an ease. And Academ have now begun rolling out Review to five more high schools who hope to emulate this skills based learning at their schools.

Academ are extremely proud to be part of this journey. And we welcome any other schools who wish to implement skills based learning.

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