Your new academic workload management system

Academic workload management system clients

Our WAMS Academic workload management system, built by The University of Southern Queensland’s computing department, in response to their growing need for a centralised workload management tool, is now expanding across universities in Australia. And we know why! Traditionally workload management has been a segregated process managed by internally built excel sheets or access databases. […]

Academic Workload Management & Faculty Performance

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Why do you need an effective workload management strategy? It’s no secret that setting up effective workload management is not a simple task. But when it comes to implementing a management solution within a university, that said task becomes even more complicated. The big deal with universities is that they are institutions that gather many […]

Managing Academic Workload Without Excel


A well defined Academic Workload Allocation Model (AWAM) seems for most universities to be the driving force behind fostering a healthy, collegial work environment. However for the vast majority of academic organisations the process of refining their AWAM is complex, time consuming and costly. Traditionally, cumbersome Excel spreadsheets have been the go-to tool for organisations […]