Reduce Your Marking Time With REVIEW


Throughout the history of our development process at Academ we have worked alongside leading Australian universities. Gathering feedback from academic staff and student users of the REVIEW assessment application.

For those reading this who are unfamiliar with REVIEW. In short REVIEW is a web-based Assurance of Learning (AoL) solution that allows universities to automate the marking of criteria-based assessments of students, formulated by program learning goals and graduate attributes.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we’ve received over the years from REVIEW users has been that — whilst marking student assessments it would be useful to have a library of comments that historically shows you what you’ve previously written for other students, comments based on the criteria associated with the assessment at hand and comments that other markers have made.

Ensuring that the assessment marking functionality within REVIEW improves the workflow of academics has been our priority whilst refining the software.

Introducing REVIEW’s New Comment History & Library Feature

Marking assessments made easy with sliders. The core functionality of this feature set has been designed to increase academic productivity and improve the quality of feedback given to students on their assessment criteria. We’ve built upon the existing marking sliders and added a “Recommendation for Improvement” section in which you can write your comments.


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Utilising the Comment History / Library functions: 

Brand new & shiny!
Say hello to historical comments and access to editable comments.

  • Star your favourite comments, access your own comments and filter for faster results.
  • Add to the library of comments for tasks and assessments across your faculty or subject. Helping your fellow markers to compare and contrast their comments.
  • Give feedback in accordance to program learning goals, so that it’s actually useful for students and facilitates a meaningful discussion around how their assessment results impact their graduate capabilities.

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