REVIEW by Academ: The solution to assessment evaluation

Here at Academ, we understand the importance of the Assurance of Learning (AoL). By systematically collecting and reviewing the use of information about educational programs, it aims to improve student learning and development. This is done through the process of defining goals and outcomes, compiling detailed curricula, setting measurements of student achievement and analysing the outcomes assessment information to be used later on for continuous improvement.

However, whilst students may read learning goals in subject or unit outlines, their attention is more focused on the individual criteria found in assessments, where it was heavily encouraged for students to self-assess themselves against the criteria before assignment submission. By utilising this need, Academ has provided a software catered to student learning and critical evaluation.



ReView is an online assessment software used when it comes to marketing assessments, enabling students to self-assess their own work against the criteria and carefully monitor their own personal development of the different disciple-specific attribute categories. Carefully formulated, ReView is here to assist you in guaranteeing AoL in your educational institute.



Graduate attributes are fundamental skills and qualities, knowledge literacy and conceptual frameworks that are imperative to a student’s development in learning. ReView works by focusing on key learning goals and graduate attributes and programming them onto a user-friendly system. These attributes are then broken down into definable categories suited to the subject, with an example displayed below:


By using a methodical grading scale for each area, students are able to self-evaluate their assessments before submission – this is then marked accordingly by the academic staff and students are therefore able to transparently see how they were marked against their own opinion and the specific aspects of learning that need to be improved.

Furthermore, students are provided with a performance profile at task level, subject level or across a combination of subjects to show their progress in the different categories to give them a complete summary of how they are fairing in their studies.


Clean and customisable interface

Academ aims to provide you with the best possible software and requires minimal tutelage to understand it’s functionality. It’s simple interface not only emits a clean look, but provides multiple areas of customisation to suit the theme of your academic organisation. Notifications are also available to alert users of updates, pending assessments and when results are ready to be viewed.


Profile’s allow a more personal experience

All users are able to set up their own personal profile complete with their own photo to enhance the user experience. This enables a close monitoring of results across subjects in a centralised location.


Premium marking software for tutors

The benefits of the tutor are just as relevant as the students, as they are able to not only view the student’s criteria-based self assessments to help judge how that student sees themselves, but they also have the ability to see other marker’s comments which will assist in fair and unbiased marking. In addition, results can be posted much more quickly and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of returning feedback to students in person which could give rise to unnecessary delays.

Co-ordinating made easier

Academ made sure that ReView worked in favour of subject co-ordinators, which can often be a difficult thing to manage if there is no proper organisation. ReView allows automatic creation of subject and enrolments, which are automatically updated so that student list are always accurate. It also enable online monitoring of marking progression, consistency and quality of comments, which is heavily useful within a large cohort consisting of multiple tutors.



Active student performance summary

University life can provide an abundance of distractions that may deter students from monitoring their assessment footprint. ReView is a holistic and accessible software that provides a window into the student’s performance and specifically displaying their strong and weak areas. This gives them a transparent idea of what they need to do to improve their performance in time for the next assessment instead of relying on their tutors or vague comments from previous tasks.


Self-assessment is fundamental to education

Self-assessment is a crucial learning tool to master as it teaches students to be critical towards their own work and allow constructive improvement before it reaches academic marking. By utilising this online survey software, it provides students with the opportunity to mark their own work and compare it against the final results. This offers the chance for critical reflection and further exemplifies what they realistically need to improve on.

Top band mark requirements are clearly defined

Knowing what you need to do in order to achieve a stellar result can understandably be a frustrating concept to grasp. By breaking down the outcomes that need to be met, ReView gives students an explicit insight as to what is desired to meet the benchmark you are striving for.

For more information on ReView and improving student learning disciplinary skills, contact us today.