Student Feedback Online Survey Evaluation Software

Academ have developed a Student Feedback Online Survey Evaluation Software which is currently used at The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Griffith University. The software is an online survey solution to collect and report on Student Feedback against staff and subjects.


At UTS they have utilised the Student Feedback Online Survey Software by creating nine evaluation statements and two open ended questions. The nine core evaluation statements, covering the subject and the teaching, are:

1. This subject was delivered in a way which was consistent with its stated objectives.
2. My learning experiences in this subject were interesting and thought provoking.
3. I found the assessment fair and reasonable.
4. There were appropriate resources available to support the subject.
5. I received constructive feedback when needed.
6. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this subject.
7 The teacher appeared to be well prepared and presented the material in a well organised manner.
8. The teacher is able to explain concepts clearly.
9. Overall, I am satisfied with the teaching of this staff member.

The two open-ended questions are:

1. What did you particularly like in this subject?
2. Please suggest any improvements that could be made to this subject.

An additional seven items from the Item Bank may be added to these core questions upon request. A separate and distinct Tutor Survey is also available.

The Academ Student Feedback Online Survey Software can be completely customised to every School or University’s specific requirements. For more information on our Student Feedback Evaluation software please simply contact us.